2020 Annual Meeting

Your AAR staff continues to work toward holding the Annual Meeting in Boston, Nov. 21-24, 2020. We are aware of the uncertainty and contradictory projections related to the COVID-19 pandemic and with health and safety as a priority, we will continue monitoring the guidance of governments and health experts as we plan and make decisions. Should any changes need to be made related to the 2020 Annual Meeting, we will promptly notify you.

2020 Regional Meetings

Open Registration:

All remaining regional meetings for 2020 have been canceled

AAR Mentoring Program

About the Mentoring Program

The American Academy of Religion announces the continuation of a program to assist in the mentoring of underrepresented groups. The program is an initiative of the four status committees of the AAR:

How it Works

Each Status Committee nominates and approves mentors. Mentee applicants will then be matched with the mentors for one year, from the 2019 AAR Annual Meeting to the 2020 AAR Annual Meeting. The mentoring committee will attempt to match mentee applicants with mentors as best as possible based on application data but cannot guarantee an exact match. Based on the number of mentors, not all mentee applicants may be matched with a mentor.

The mentors will offer guidance where possible. Areas of mentorship include (but are not limited to):

  • Working with a dissertation committee
  • Developing as a teacher
  • Disclosure of various aspects of identity
  • Balancing work/life
  • Publishing 
  • Tenure and promotion
  • Navigating job searches and hiring negotiations

Expectations of Participants

  • Connect by phone/Skype/Zoom/etc. at least twice throughout the year
  • Meet once face-to-face at the Annual Meeting (if this is not possible, then a third phone call during the year should occur)
  • Connect additionally as agreed upon
  • Mentors and mentees respond promptly to communication, even if only to say they will be in touch at a later date
  • Mentors and mentees share the responsibility for setting up meetings with each other
  • Provide AAR with feedback via a survey at the end of the mentor year

AAR Mentors are intended to be sounding boards and guide from experience. They are not therapists, thesis advisors, nor are they readers or editors of the mentee's work.

Mentors and mentees should be aware of potential power dynamics between them and adhere to professional ethics and boundaries. All conversations are confidential unless both parties agree otherwise.

How to Apply to the Program

2019 Registration is closed.  

The deadline to submit a mentee application is June 15, 2019.