2020 Annual Meeting

Your AAR staff continues to work toward holding the Annual Meeting in Boston, Nov. 21-24, 2020. We are aware of the uncertainty and contradictory projections related to the COVID-19 pandemic and with health and safety as a priority, we will continue monitoring the guidance of governments and health experts as we plan and make decisions. Should any changes need to be made related to the 2020 Annual Meeting, we will promptly notify you.

2020 Regional Meetings

Open Registration:

All remaining regional meetings for 2020 have been canceled

Thank You to Outgoing Program Unit Chairs (Term ended 2019)

AAR would like to thank the following Program Unit Chairs whose terms ended in 2019.

We are very grateful for their dedicated service to the Academy!


Gregory D. Alles

McDaniel College

Indigenous Religious Traditions Unit


Richard Amesbury

Arizona State University

Law, Religion, and Culture Unit


Shawn Arthur

Wake Forest University

Contemporary Pagan Studies Unit


Deborah Barer

Towson University

Scriptural Reasoning Unit


Chad Bauman

Butler University

Religious Conversions Unit


Whitney Bauman

Florida International University

New Materialism, Religion, and Planetary Thinking Seminar


Joseph Blankholm

University of California, Santa Barbara

Secularism and Secularity Unit


Ted A. Campbell

Southern Methodist University

Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Unit


Lucas Carmichael

University of Colorado

Transnational Religious Expression: Between Asia and North America Seminar


Travis Chilcott

Iowa State University

Cognitive Science of Religion Unit


Alexander Chow

University of Edinburgh

Chinese Christianities Seminar


Christie Chui-Shan Chow

City Seminary of New York

Chinese Christianities Seminar


Adam Clark

Xavier University

Black Theology Unit


David Clough

University of Chester

Animals and Religion Unit


Ronald S. Cole-Turner

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Human Enhancement and Transhumanism Unit


Jeremy V. Cruz

St. John’s University, New York

Latina/o Religion, Culture, and Society Unit


Deirdre de la Cruz

University of Michigan

New Perspectives on Religion in the Philippines Seminar


Amanullah De Sondy

University College Cork

Men, Masculinities, and Religions Unit


John-Charles Duffy

Miami University, Ohio

Religion in the American West Unit


Christopher Duncanson-Hales

University of Sudbury

International Development and Religion Unit


Karen Enriquez

Loyola Marymount University

Roman Catholic Studies Unit


Ken Estey

Brooklyn College

Class, Religion, and Theology Unit


Teresa L. Fry Brown

Emory University

Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society Unit


Warren S. Goldstein

Center for Critical Research on Religion

Sociology of Religion Unit


Marion S. Grau

MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion, and Society

Sacred Texts, Theory, and Theological Construction Unit


Gregory Grieve

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Video Gaming and Religion Seminar


Brett Hendrickson

Lafayette College

Religion in the American West Unit


Adrian Hermann

University of Bonn

New Perspectives on Religion in the Philippines Seminar


Alexander Y. Hwang

Saint Leo University

Religions, Borders, and Immigration Seminar


Mary Jo Iozzio

Boston College

Religion and Disability Studies Unit


Slavica Jakelic

Valparaiso University

Religion and Humanism Unit


Tone Stangeland Kaufman

MF Norwegian School of Theology

Practical Theology Unit


Pamela Klassen

University of Toronto

North American Religions Unit


Timothy D. Knepper

Drake University

Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion Seminar


Naomi Koltun-Fromm

Haverford College

Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity Unit


Gereon Kopf

Luther College

Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion Seminar


Susan Maneck

Jackson State University

Baha’i Studies Unit


Lerone Martin

Washington University, St. Louis

Afro-American Religious History Unit


AnneMarie Mingo

Pennsylvania State University

Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. Unit


Kristy Nabhan-Warren

University of Iowa

Religion and the Social Sciences Unit


Marcella Norling

Orange Coast College

Bioethics and Religion Unit


Shubha Pathak

American University

Hinduism Unit


Richard K. Payne

Graduate Theological Union

Economics and Capitalism in the Study of Buddhism Seminar


Shelli Poe

Millsaps College

Schleiermacher Unit


Leonard Norman Primiano

Cabrini University

Folklore and Religion Seminar


Kerstin Radde-Antweiler

Video Gaming and Religion Seminar

University of Bremen


Fabio Rambelli

University of California, Santa Barbara

Economics and Capitalism in the Study of Buddhism Seminar


Randall Reed

Appalachian State University

Emerging Church, Millenials, and Religion Seminar


Arthur Remillard

Saint Francis University

Religion, Sport, and Play Unit


Cynthia Rigby

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Reformed Theology and History Unit


Marcia C. Robinson

Syracuse University

Kierkegaard, Religion, and Culture Unit


James Robson

Harvard University

Buddhism Unit


Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Wesleyan University

Philosophy of Religion Unit


Kevin Schilbrack

Appalachian State University

Body and Religion Unit


John Sheveland

Gonzaga University

Interreligious and Interfaith Studies Unit


Pashaura Singh

University of California, Riverside

Sikh Studies Unit


Santiago H. Slabodsky

Hofstra University

Liberation Theologies Unit


Roger A. Sneed

Furman University

Gay Men and Religion Unit


Carole Dale Spencer

George Fox University

Quaker Studies Unit


Hamsa Stainton

McGill University

Religion in South Asia Unit


Chris Tirres

DePaul University

Religions in the Latina/o Americas Unit


Mary Evelyn Tucker

Yale University

New Materialism, Religion, and Planetary Thinking Seminar


John Turner (in memoriam)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Platonism and Neoplatonism Unit


Elena Valussi

Loyola University, Chicago

Daoist Studies Unit


Michael Waggoner

University of Northern Iowa

Religion and Public Schools: International Perspectives Unit


David Walker

University of California, Santa Barbara

Critical Theory and Discourses on Religion Unit


Stephen Wehmeyer

Champlain College

Folklore and Religion Seminar


Glenn Young

Rockhurst University

Christian Spirituality Unit


Thelathia Young

Bucknell University

Queer Studies in Religion Unit


Jason R. Zaborowski

Bradley University

Middle Eastern Christianity Unit


Michael Zbaraschuk

Pacific Lutheran University

Emerging Church, Millenials, and Religion Seminar


Michael Zogry

University of Kansas

Native Traditions in the Americas Unit