2020 Annual Meeting

Your AAR staff continues to work toward holding the Annual Meeting in Boston, Nov. 21-24, 2020. We are aware of the uncertainty and contradictory projections related to the COVID-19 pandemic and with health and safety as a priority, we will continue monitoring the guidance of governments and health experts as we plan and make decisions. Should any changes need to be made related to the 2020 Annual Meeting, we will promptly notify you.

2020 Regional Meetings

Open Registration:

All remaining regional meetings for 2020 have been canceled

Religion and the Arts Travel Grant

What Religion and the Arts Travel Grant Recipients Say about the Program
List of Winners by Year

Funded by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Georgetown University
Application Deadline: April 22

The AAR Religion and the Arts Travel Grant will be awarded to a graduate student studying Religion and the Arts who is without institutional support to attend the AAR Annual Meeting. The travel grant will offset the travel costs associated with attending the Annual Meeting: registration fees (including tours and workshops), hotel room, transportation, and meals up to $1,500.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current membership in the AAR with preference to applicants with consistent membership
  • Enrolled in a Religion and the Arts degree program or writing a thesis or dissertation on Religion and the Arts
  • Financial need—current status as a graduate student with lack of access to institutional or external funding

Applications Must Include

  • Brief bio including name, institutional affiliation
  • Statement of plans and involvement with religion and the arts opportunities at the Annual Meeting; participation on the program is a plus
  • Statement of financial need describing current income and estimated costs to attend the Annual Meeting as well as any institutional or external travel support available
  • Letter of recommendation from professor, chair, or director confirming the topic of your thesis or dissertation is on Religion and the Arts

Applicants should submit their materials through the online submission form found here. The application deadline is April 22, 2020, at 5:00 pm EDT.

The grant will be distributed at or after the Annual Meeting. Receipts for expenses will need to be submitted.

The grant winner will be asked to fill out a post-Annual Meeting survey about their contributions to the Annual Meeting, and the benefits of Annual Meeting attendance for their scholarship and vocation.

Contact us at if you have additional questions.